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Front Lounge

Front Lounge

Established since the 1990’s and nestled in the heart of Dublin, the Front Lounge is that rare creature; a classic modern pub oozing an effortless chic wholly devoid of any pretentiousness.

Plush sofas are aglow under the famed chandelier while the easy confluence of gay and straight patrons is a real reflection of the open-minded and innovative attitude that abounds here.

This attitude reaches out and grabs the city itself; not only does the Front Lounge play frequent host to sponsored events for a variety of local organisations such as Pride, Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, Emerald Warriors Rugby Team, Outhouse, GCN, it also provides a consistent and visible support to an abundance of local artists, as seen in the regular rotation of artwork across its walls.

So why not drop in and see for yourself? Indulge in a cheeky glass of wine along with our delicious lunchtime special?

Or maybe relaxing with an afterwork cocktail is more your thing. Or go for broke and release your inner wannabe at our legendary karaoke nights. Looking forward to seeing you.

Recession-proof delicious lunches, incendiary afterwork cocktails, raucous karaoke nights, funktastic disco weekend.

So whether it’s kicking back with a cheeky glass of wine along with our unbeatable lunchtime menu, sampling one of our crackling afterwork cocktails, warbling your way through one of our raucous karaoke nights, drop in!