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Oil Can Harrys

Oil Can Harrys

Oil Can Harrys is a family run traditional Irish pub. It groans with timber fixtures creating a warm & friendly ambience. The pub itself has been around for the past 70 years.

Way back when the pub was owned by the Behan family, James Joyce was a frequent visitor for a drop of the black stuff. Behan was a prominent member of the Dublin publicans’ association or otherwise known now as Licensed Vintners association and in fact was Chairman of the LVA for several years. 

The pub came close to action during the Easter Rising when there was a skirmish at Northumberland Road but luckily managed to escape any stray bullets!

Oil Can Harrys boasts outdoor seating at both the front & back of the pub. Traditional music sessions can be heard and all budding musicians are welcome to join in.

The pub is well known for its sporting interest in Gaelic football, rugby, soccer etc. It has big screens for perfect viewing. A pool table & dart board available for all those who wish to play.

The Chef has won several awards for his outstanding food. The menu has European dishes that are reasonably priced and of superb quality.

Oil Can Harrys is within walking distance to the Grand Canal Theatre, the RDS, Aviva Stadium, Shelbourne dog track and city centre.

To recap – Oil Can Harrys is one of Dublin’s Best kept Secrets!