post-title On the matter of ‘Good Friday’……

On the matter of ‘Good Friday’……

On the matter of ‘Good Friday’……


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It’s that day of the year again where we must bow our heads in sobriety and reflect on how much we’ve spent consuming alcohol, and repent for the errors of our ways. The day before that is also known as the busiest off license day of the year.

We know that not everyone is content to take a non self imposed day away from socialising, so we’ve come up with a few options for if you fancy going somewhere for a drink this Friday. Your options are thus…..

1) Do as most do and have a house party, purchasing your alcohol on Thursday.

2)Take a flight or a ferry journey, as these are exempt from the intoxicating liquor act.

3)Attend a performance in a licensed theatre.  Perhaps catch a play and a shandy in the Abbey? Some theatre bars may open late for the day that’s in it. I wouldn’t just turn up at the door though, perhaps call ahead to confirm.

4)Go to a horse or greyhound race meeting. Though no doubt synonymous with drunken debauchery in the eyes of those that crafted the law, these venues are allowed to serve alcohol. That does not necessarily mean that they will, but they are allowed to. Again, call ahead.

5)Hotels are allowed to serve alcohol, so long as it is accompanied by a meal. I think it’s fair to say that hotels will usually throw out a few sandwiches to cover their behinds in that regard.

6) Join the military. Military canteens are spared the toil of looking for an open pub on good friday. Firearms and alcohol are obviously a good match.

7)Some clubs are given authorisation to sell alcohol for 6 hours on good friday. I think that’s a long enough period to have an acceptable evening.

8)Go to the Leinster A vs Munster A match in Donnybrook. Yup, alcohol there too.

9)Train stations. You must have a train ticket to be served. How much does a child fare cost these days?


They, my friends, are your options. Or you could abstain for one day…

We’re looking for pubs and clubs that open at midnight on the day in question, so follow us on twitter and facebook for updates on that.


edit: Despite being tweeted as 8 places, we’ve now extended it to 9. If you know of any others, let us know.