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archive-title Monthly Archives: July 2013

Monthly Archives: July 2013


The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you. – Brendan Behan  Generator hails a return to the proud tradition of innkeeping; providing lodging, food and of course drink.   It is a relaxed venue where you can enjoy a selection of […]

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Leeson Lounge

Hidden away at the far end of Leeson St Upper. Plenty of live music during the week. All the live sporting events shown.

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The Copper Bar

The Venue The venue can cater for over 600 people over 3 floors. Boasting 2 restaurants under 1 roof. The building hosts 2 bars including a cocktail bar. Upstairs is our whiskey club and downstairs our live music venue . The venue also caters for avid sports fans with 8 large sport screens & surround […]

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Diep le Shaker

Diep le Shaker is a Thai restaurant that has called Pembroke Lane, Dublin 2 it’s home for 15 years. Diep has a fully licensed cocktail bar with a fun cocktail menu that has a balance of popular classics, like Mojitos and Cosmopolitans, and playful inventions, like their Bacon Infused Old Fashioned and Chilli Ginger Cooler. […]

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4th of July deals in Dublin

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate your independence or if you’re just an Amerophile (Is that a word?), we’ve got a list of deals for you this 4th of July. [table id=316 /]

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Remembering old Dublin pub names

We receive a lot of daily requests for places to go, what pubs have what facilities,  and general queries about pubs in the ctiy centre, but we received one that started a snowball of information about the old names for current Dublin pubs. Hundreds of tweets and facebook messages later, we now have a massive […]

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