post-title 11 of the best Irish beer TV adverts.

11 of the best Irish beer TV adverts.

11 of the best Irish beer TV adverts.

We’ve been looking through the archive to find some of the best Irish beer TV adverts. Here is the selection that we came up with. Obviously this list could be entirely comprised of Guinness adverts, but we’ve tried to spread them out over the various companies. If we’ve missed out on any particularly good ones, please leave a comment below the article.


1. Murphys- “MURPHYS!”

A bunch of Samurai invade a Cork town to get a scoop of Murphys from the bottle. My personal favourite.

 2. Murphys- Anime advert.

They continue with the samurai theme, but this time it’s in the anime animation style. Obviously a big departure from any other beer advertisements at the time, especially in Ireland. This was made in 1998/99

3. Harp Lager- Time traveller/Lawrence of Arabia.

Not only does this advert have references to The Terminator and Lawrence of Arabia, but it also features the actor who played John, of John and Mary the abusive couple, in Father Ted. This one is genuinely hilarious.


4. Guinness- The Dancing Man.

This is one of the most iconic Guinness adverts, hugely popular in the mid nineties. I recall being in the scouts and having a dancing contest to this song in the style of the Guinness man. There was no drink aware back then.


5. Smithwicks- 2002 World cup/Toto Schilachi.

Friendly discourse between some Irish and Italian football fans and a cameo from the man that knocked Ireland out of the 1990 World Cup.


6. Murphys- The Wedding.

Sure this fella is just a young buck at a wedding who can’t be tamed and just loves a scoop of Murphys. I wonder which gender is the target market?


7. Harp- Missing home.

This man recalls the taste of a pint of Harp, the atmosphere of the pub, and a young wan given him the eye.


8. Carlsberg- “Ciúnas, bóthar, cailín, bainne.”

Not an Irish drinks company, but the ad is targeted at an Irish audience nevertheless. Direct advertisement to get you to drink their product or snide social commentary on the state of the official language and the perceived decline in Irish educational standards? You decide.


9. Guinness- The Surfer.

This is one of those modern adverts that makes no reference to the drink, the taste, or anything of the likes. It is, however, a pretty visually stunning ad, especially considering it was made in 1998.


10. Bass- “Ahhhhh that’s Bass!”

This gentleman engages in a taste test with one of his mates, chooses that unmistakable Bass maturity, and then winks at his glass in approval.



11. Beamish- Brendan, The Sound Man.

What a gay oul time they had in the pub back in the day. Brendan seems to be enjoying himself anyway.