post-title Flip a coin, spin the wheel, name games, and other ways to win free drinks in pubs.

Flip a coin, spin the wheel, name games, and other ways to win free drinks in pubs.

Flip a coin, spin the wheel, name games, and other ways to win free drinks in pubs.

Finding a fiver on the ground isn’t the only way to get a free pint in a pub you know. Several Dublin pubs have games of chance, and some even give you free food and drink just because of your name. Here’s a few places with some inventive ways to let you get one up on them.


The name game at Sober Lane



Sober Lane in Irishtown have a new promotion giving you a free pint if you have a particular name. So far it’s happened on the 9th, 12th, and 15th of this month, so there’s no regular pattern to it. To make sure you don’t miss your name you’d best follow them on facebook and twitter. The names drawn so far have been Eamonn, Steven, Ross, Rachel, Amy, and Alan.


Spin the wheel in Garage Bar



From Monday to Wednesday in Garage bar they give you the opportunity to spin the wheel to win free pints and cocktails. Alternatively, you might have to tip the bartender if you lose.


The name game in The Bernard Shaw



This has been a long standing tradition on The Big Blue Bus outside the Bernard Shaw to pick two names weekly to get free pizza. Some of them can be pretty unusual names, but common names to get picked pretty regularly. Erica and Sam were the last names to be picked. It’s really good pizza too. Follow them on facebook to see if you’re in luck.


Rock, Paper, Scissors in Sams Bar



Challenge the barman to a game of rock, paper, scissors, in Sams bar on Dawson street on Thursday to win a free cocktail .


Flip a coin in Sober Lane



Sober Lane can’t help themselves. Their taps will be dry if they keep up at this rate. Flip a coin on Sundays to win the same round of drinks again free.


The South William


Flip a coin on Thursdays and you could win yourself a free beer.




There were a few other places doing games for drinks, and they may yet return again.

  • McGowans were doing going through the alphabet , giving people free drinks on a night if their name began with a certain letter.
  • 4 Dame Lane were doing flip a coin on Saturdays to win your drinks.
  • Oscars cafe bar in Christchurch were doing a Game of Thrones themed game called ‘Game of Throwins’, where you threw some dice and if the letters could spell ‘Free’, then your drinks were free. Valar MoreGuinness, all men must drink.



If you know of any more of these games, send us an email at and we’ll include it.

We also regularly post up the names that are called out for free pizza, so be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.