post-title Table Tennis/Ping Pong in Dublin pubs

Table Tennis/Ping Pong in Dublin pubs

Table Tennis/Ping Pong in Dublin pubs

Wanting to play table tennis? That’s a paddling.

It’s a bit of a new trend in Dublin pubs to see table tennis/ping pong emerging as a chosen sport in the pub olympics. We’ve found 4 pubs that have tables all the time, and 1 place that has tournaments every now and then.

Here they are…




The Back Page, Phibsboro



The Back Page is a sports pub, not just because it shows it on the screen, but also because they allow you to play some in the pub. Tehy have table tennis, darts, and even a small Fifa room. The table tennis table is upstairs and offers a bit of space to play. The only drawback is that there is a pillar right beside the table. You can take this as a challenge though by trying to hit the pillar in a trick shot. You might want to swap halves regularly. Other players waiting for their turn can keep themselves occupied with the football trivia on bar mats or by playing darts, which is just behind the table.





The Square Ball



The Square Ball on Hogan place has a cool games room upstairs that includes vintage street fighter 2, a SNES, darts, and a table tennis table.


Workmans Club, Wellington quay



The Workmans Club has a competition every now and then called ‘Battle of the Paddles’. Their next one is in January 2016. You can keep an eye on the next one by consulting their website.


Crowbar, Temple Bar


Crowbar in Temple Bar (attached to the Button Factory) opens at 6pm for table tennis, craft beers, and cocktails.