post-title There’s a new book out about Mulligans pub

There’s a new book out about Mulligans pub

There’s a new book out about Mulligans pub


Fans of John Mulligans pub on Poolbeg street will be delighted to hear that there is a new book out chronicling the history of the pub. It’s called “Mulligans: Grand old pub of Poolbeg street.” It’s authored by Declan Dunne, who describes the book as “the official biography of the worlds most famous pub.”

The description reads

Mulligan’s is more than a Dublin pub; it is an Irish cultural phenomenon. It has a unique and colourful history, spanning over two hundred years. Mulligan’s has hosted the famous – Judy Garland, Seamus Heaney, Con Houlihan, James Joyce, John F. Kennedy – and, indeed, the infamous – police arrested a kidnapper there. Quirkiness pervades its atmosphere. The ashes of a US tourist are interred in its clock. Barmen have seen ghosts on the premises. For decades, performers at the Theatre Royal thronged to Mulligan’s, mingling with journalists from ‘The Irish Press’ who smoked, fumed and interviewed celebrities in it. This fascinating book captures the atmosphere and essence of an Irish institution, loved by both natives and tourists alike.

There’s only a few pubs in Dublin that could have whole books written about them, but Mulligans certainly is a place where its history can still be felt.

You can pick up a copy of the book on Amazon via this link. There’s also a website devoted to the book- . We’ll be picking up a copy for ourselves soon and we’ll then do a thorough review.