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archive-title Monthly Archives: August 2016

Monthly Archives: August 2016

Gene Wilder filmed scenes in Kavanagh’s ‘The Gravediggers’

We originally published this article in March 2016.   It might not be the best known film on these shores, but ‘Quackser Fortune has a cousin in the Bronx’ does feature some of Dublin’s best known areas. These include St. Patricks cathedral and the lovely Gravediggers pub in Glasnevin. This clip from the film shows […]

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Get behind the bar and pull your own pint in a pub.

  We’ve found 2 pubs recently who are offering people the opportunity to pull their own pint. It’s no surprise that both of the pubs are quite close to the Guinness brewery. O’Shea’s Merchant on the south quays and The Liberty Belle on Francis street are both inviting customers behind the bar to be shown […]

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8 of the best dive bars in Dublin.

The term ‘dive bar’ is a strange thing. Usually when you’re referring to a place as a dive, it’s in a negative context. But, quite a few bars encourage use of the term and are happy to be associated with it. Obviously, there’s a market for pubs that are a bit unkempt, a little bit […]

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Spirits in the pub

  We were in The Swan on Aungier street the other day and they pointed out this hand carving in one of the wooden arch fixtures. It’s looks like some kind of demonic or pagan goat headed man. He has the horns of a ram, a curled mustache, flared nostrils, and a wagging tongue.   […]

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There’s a mini craft beer festival in a pub this week.

  The Beerhouse on Capel street has been going strong for several years now. Occasionally they have a smallĀ  seasonal celebration of craft beer. This week they’ll be having their ‘summer fest’. They usually have some craft brewers in, displaying their beers and offering samples. They’ve got a really good selection on tap in the […]

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