post-title 10 things to try this week in Dublin pubs

10 things to try this week in Dublin pubs

10 things to try this week in Dublin pubs

Each week (mostly) we bring you 10 new things to try, eat, drink, see, or experience in Dublin pubs. A curated selection of some things to broaden your pub horizons a bit.

For this week, Wednesday 23rd March-


1. Seafood chowder in The Bridge 1859



Seafood chowder. A quick, filling, and exceptionally tasty dish that is plentiful in Dublin pubs. We enjoy The Bridge 1859’s take on it, with a creamy bisque sauce and crispy croutons. A filling meal for €8.00. You can find a list of pubs serving chowder via this link.



2. Have an Irish coffee in Peters Pub.



The Irish coffee is something that can be enjoyed at any hour of the day. Just not when it’s mad busy and you’d be wrecking the barman’s head to create one. Peters pub near Stephens Green is an ideal location to try one in peaceful surroundings. We made a list of places to get an Irish coffee. Link.



3. Visit a pub with a connection to the 1916 rising.




There’s a lot of pubs with a direct connection to the rising to choose from, but we’ve selected The Swan on Aungier street. It was occupied by the rebels and still has some barely visible bullet marks on the facade.


“Orders were also given that we were to burrow through from Jacob’s to a public house at the corner facing Aungier Street. We had two masons in our party and the burrowing was made easy. Strict instructions were given that no Volunteer was to take any drink from the public house. And although I am not a drinking man myself I must say that this order was strictly obeyed.”

Michael Molloy Witness Statement

There’s an excellent article on the rising and the public house via this link.



4. Try the new Wicklow Wolf ‘Children of the revolution’ beer in The Bankers




For the week that’s in it, there’s a limited number of pubs stocking this new concoction from the Wicklow Wolf brewery. It’s an IPA brewed the Wicklow Way and you can try it in The Bankers on Dame Lane.


5. Play some pong, video games, or foosball in Kennedys game room




The game room downstairs in Kennedys would be a great place for a party. They’ve got the best table tennis table in Dublin, 2 foosball tables, and several arcade machines.



6. Play the buzz wire in Oscars



Oscars are doing their best to keep you entertained while you’re in, and their latest addition is a buzz wire table. It’s pretty big and will keep you occupied while sipping on their €5 G and T. BEEEEERRRRPPPPP.



7. See what a pub is like without alcohol/Try some really good food on Good Friday


The Porterhouse Central, which will be opening on Good Friday.

The Porterhouse Central, which will be opening on Good Friday.


This Friday a few pubs will open for food. They’re not allowed to sell alcohol, but they will still be giving you the opportunity to sample some excellent Irish grub. Here’s a list of places opening. Is it a strange experience to be in a pub when nobody’s drinking? For most of them, no. But, the palace, which only serves toasties will be open, so that should prove interesting. Link.



8. Check out the view from JW Sweetman



This could be a good option on Easter Sunday. Get a birds eye view of the parade from the top floor of JW Sweetmans on the quays. They serve excellent pub grub and you can also sample some of their brewed on site craft beer.



9. Have some sushi in Izakaya




Downstairs in Izakaya you’ll find a lovely mixture of Ireland and Japan. They serve excellent Irish craft beers, and some popular Japanese draughts. Pair these with the sushi and you’ve a guaranteed good night. They’ve got a late license too, so you can stick around after your food. The DJs are usually really good in here.



10. Cocktails and ribs in The Exchequer



On Mondays in the Exchequer you can get 2 for 1 Old Smokey’s. Pair that up with a rack of ribs for €10. Whiskey and ribs sounds like a great way to start the week.