post-title 9 of the best gin bars in Dublin

9 of the best gin bars in Dublin

9 of the best gin bars in Dublin

Of all the best gin bar lists in all the world, you had to read ours. Frankly my dear, I will have a dram.

Hello ginthusiasts.

We’ve done our best to put together a list of pubs and bars in Dublin that have some of the best selections of gins in the city. We also give special points to the obvious enthusiasm of some of the bars on this list. We feel we’ve given you a decent selection to choose from.



Gin Palace


gin palace


The clue is in the name. The Gin Palace on Abbey street have over 120 gins behind the bar, the best in the city. They do a number of tasting trays, including their new one from Tanqueray that comes with a jug of tonic. They also have gin served in teapots for anyone who wants to disguise their gin as afternoon tea. This place is a must for all gin lovers.


57 The Headline



57 The Headline has recently converted some of their upstairs area into a gin lounge. It’s a cosy, comfy place to enjoy some of the best of Irish gins. They’ve got a very good selection. There’s a floating gin bar with a new gin every week, so you don’t even have to put much thought into your selection. Just go with what’s recommended.


Bull and Castle






The Bull and Castle have an extensive menu for everything. Beer, whiskey, food, cocktails and of course, gin. They’re great believers in using the best of what Ireland has to offer. Here you can choose from a huge range of gins, including Glendalough, Gunpowder, Drumshanbo, and many others.


 Dingle whiskey bar





Not only do they have a bar that specialises in whiskey and gin, but they also make their own gin. Their gins are sold all around Ireland at this stage, but where better to enjoy them in their home bar. They’ll serve it up as it was intended, and they might even have a few gin cocktail options for you. They also have Dingle gin fish bowls that look worth trying out.


The Jar





The Jar have 20 different gins behind the bar for you to try, and what’s more, they seem excited by gin. So much so that they actually make gin and tonic ice pops when the weather is warm. It is a refreshing drink on a sunny day on their terrace. They also do lots of cocktails here, so I’m sure they can knock you up something impressive involving gin.








For international gin day, House on Leeson street made a scrumptious looking gin sorbet. They have 41 gins on their menu, including some reserve gins for as much as €25.00 a measure. Don’t worry, they have the regular stuff too if your tastes aren’t that rich.


JT Pims




JT Pims on George’s street is one of the newest bars in the city. They have a dedicated gin and rum bar inside. I think this shows that they might merit inclusion in this list. The bar is called ‘Gin Rummy’. They say they have a carefully selected range of exclusive gins and also that they can make up a classic cocktail with fresh ingredients and the best liquors.








Lillies has a very unique place on this list because in ‘Lillies lab’, they actually give you the opportunity to distill your own gin. They have a number of gizmo’s in the lab where you can infuse gin and other spirits with flavourings of your choice. For instance, how about some elderflower in your gin? You can read more about Lillies lab and booking your place via this link.


Sams bar





Sams new bar upstairs ‘The Apothecary bar’ is a perfect place to enjoy one of their extensive range of gins. The image above shows one of their staff gin tasting training sessions. Having the staff know what they’re talking about when it comes to gin is a big plus in our books.