post-title A cosy room in Kilmainham: The Royal oak

A cosy room in Kilmainham: The Royal oak

A cosy room in Kilmainham: The Royal oak

A cosy room in Kilmainham: The Royal oak



We’ve been to the Royal Oak in Kilmainham once or twice before, but we were usually out the front, as it was summer. We’ve been told by several Publiners that there’s a room at the back of the pub near the toilets that might not obviously seem to be a part of the pub.

We went back in recently, and decided to sit in this somewhat ‘hidden’ room. It could be legitimately be called a snug as it it has a door, is secluded, and has access to the barman.




The pub itself is down a road to the side of the Irish Museum of Modern Art that, when you’re on it, feels like a sleepy country road. So, down this sleepy road, in a laid back pub you find this small, cosy room.┬áThere’s even a small water feature that blends the sound of a running stream into the background. It’s as close as you’ll get to cutting off from the city without getting into an isolation tank.




The room itself has seating around the sides of it, 2 tables, and a few stools. We did a count while we were there and decided you could get 20 people in there. Now, I would say that this is a maximum capacity and it wouldn’t be very comfy. It’s a small room. I’d say you could get 10 people in comfortably and the room would lend itself really well to a group this size. This proximity creates a great atmosphere for a small group of friends.

Whether you get this room or not, the Royal Oak is well worth a visit for those that appreciate older pubs that haven’t changed much and serve up an excellent pint of Guinness. It’s traditional rather than modern comfort available here, and that suits us down to the ground.