post-title Book a whole pub all to yourself!

Book a whole pub all to yourself!

Book a whole pub all to yourself!



You’re planning a celebration, birthday or party of some sort and you don’t particularly want to share a venue. Well, why not book out a whole pub for yourselves and take over the place?

The Button and Coin on Ellis quay on the south side is available for rent in its entirety. It’s right on the Liffey and has a great view out the front of the Guinness brewery.



Some bars can only give you an area of the bar for a certain amount of time during the night, or the function room may be accessible by other patrons. This way, you’re guaranteed to have the whole place to yourselves, hassle free.

It’s a bar that’s pretty open plan, and also has several levels where you can have different things going on. As you walk in there’s a raised level, the lower main bar level with seating, the upper level with a pool table, and more seating down the stairs.



The bar can hold up to 140 people and you would need at least 60 or 70 minimum to book it. it’s available to book any night of the week so long as you have the numbers. They do insist on a €500 deposit, but once the bar takings go above that the deposit is returned to the organiser in full.

They’ve got a pizza oven in the bar and if that’s not enough for you, I’m sure they’d be amenable to talking about catering or bringing in food for the party.

If you want to make an inquiry, just send them an email at .

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