post-title Have you noticed the mosaics in loads of Dublin pubs?

Have you noticed the mosaics in loads of Dublin pubs?

Have you noticed the mosaics in loads of Dublin pubs?

We’ve noticed that a lot of pubs in Dublin, especially those of an older vintage, tend to have a lot of mosaic work inside and outside the bar. Typically the mosaic is at the entrance to the pub on the ground and either has the name of the bar or depicts a motif related to the bar.

It seems to have been a popular design in pubs that were built or renovated in the Victorian era.

Here is a small collection that we have been gathering. If you know of any others or have photos of those that we missed out on, please send them along to



The Swan



This mosaic in outside The Swan on Aungier street has been there since 1897. There’s loads more mosaic tiling inside the bar.




Ryans, like The Swan is one of the original Victorian era pubs. The mosaic entrance seems to be a trait of the design.




Stags Head



As well as having a mosaic an the entrance, the Stags Head also has one on Dame street beside a lane that leads to the pub.


Turks Head

The interior of the Turks Head is hugely influenced by mosaics. The main bar has spirals coming from the floor to the roof, covered in mosaic patterns. The designs used here are a more modern creation and have more of a Turkish influence.





The International


Again, The International is a Victorian era pub.


The Oak


Peruke and Periwig





I think we can make an educated guess as to what was here on the site before the pub.


Yacht Tavern





Bow Lane