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archive-title Daily Archives: 2017-03-08 10:42:55

Daily Archives: 2017-03-08 10:42:55

Jack Nealon’s on Capel Street is due to close next month.

  It emerged on twitter yesterday that Jack Nealon’s pub on Capel Street is due to close next month. A tweet from Colm O’Dwyer, a barrister, made it’s way around twitter yesterday. It reads: “Terrible news. Lovely Nealon’s Bar on Capel St is to close down in April. Vulture fund. All staff laid off. WTF […]

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Dublin pubs celebrating international women’s day.

We should say from the outset that International Women’s Day is very much a political day, and not to be confused with the hallmark holidays of mother’s day or father’s day. There are serious struggles going on in Ireland and around the world today. We, being a pub website, just want to show some of […]

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