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archive-title Daily Archives: 2017-10-02 14:41:56

Daily Archives: 2017-10-02 14:41:56

Wiseguys, a new weekly table quiz on Tuesdays

  The quiz is a staple of the midweek calendar in Dublin pub culture. Pitting your wits against others, and bickering among friends as to who has the right answer. Oscars in Christchurch now have a new Pub quiz to add to the calendar. It’s a 12 week league called ‘Wise Guys’. They operate the […]

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Here’s a good idea from O’Donoghues: Pub Postcard beer mats

  O’Donoghue’s, with it’s live traditional music associations tends to get a good amount of overseas visitors in. They’ve done something quite clever to broaden their appeal and make sure that more and more people pay a pilgrimage when they’re in Ireland.   They have specially made O’Donoghue’s postcard beer mats. On the front is […]

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