post-title Meet the New Pav. Not like the Old Pav.

Meet the New Pav. Not like the Old Pav.

Meet the New Pav. Not like the Old Pav.

Meet the New Pav. Not like the Old Pav.


You might have an idea of what the Pavillion Bar in Trinity College is or was, but you might be interested to see how much it has changed in recent years. Alumni who remember it as a dark place to hide away from obligations would be surprised to see the bright and airy bar that is there now. And it’s not just the alumni and current students who should be taking note. There’s a misconception that only students and staff are allowed to use The Pav. Quite the contrary. The Pav is open to anyone who wants to come in for a drink or a bit of food.

I suppose the best feature of The Pav and the one it’s known best for is the open space at the front that could be considered Ireland’s biggest beer garden (depending on where they put the fences). It’s a wonderful outdoor space that people flock to on the best days of Summer, Autumn, and Spring.

Indoors things are well and truly open for business. They’re doing full Irish breakfasts for €6.00! And coffee is only €2.10. It’s a really good option for decent food at a very good price, especially for anyone working or passing by the Nassau Street/Pearse Street area. The lunch menu includes salads, paninis, fish and chips, burgers, fajitas, and stir frys. It’s not quite the trio of sausage, beans, and chips of student days gone by!




The new Pav is brightly painted and looks a more welcoming spot for food during the day. As you move into evening there’s a few things here that are a draw. They’ve got plenty of screens for showing sports and ample room for large groups. Of course the fact that they sell cans is a big bonus for students and anyone who wants to drink on a budget. They’ve also got pitchers of Molson Canadian for €10, or €4 by the pint, and a pitcher and a pizza will set you back only €18. Not bad at all at all.

While The Pav does do a good trade during the week from students, they’re very much welcoming to everyone else as well. The picnic tables on the balconies outside are nice spots for groups of 6 or so to get together. Inside they’ve got a semi-private conservatory space that offers beautiful views over the cricket pitch and the campus. This room can be made completely private.



If it’s large group bookings, corporate events, or birthday parties you’re looking for, then they’re also in the business of catering to those. Especially at the weekends when availability is good. They can fit up to 200-250 people in and outside at full capacity. It’s worth keeping in mind for the future. It’s brilliantly central, and in a very recognisable location. Ask anyone, local or tourist, whether they know where Trinity College is and they’ll tell you they do.

Anyone looking for a good coffee, and cheap lunch during the day, or a place to watch a match and have a few cheap drinks in the evening, all in a very central location should keep The Pav in mind.