post-title Pubs with phone charger boxes

Pubs with phone charger boxes

Pubs with phone charger boxes

Pubs with phone charger boxes


Sure, you can hand your phone in behind the bar in most pubs and it’ll be perfectly safe. But, there’s another option that means you don’t have to queue up or bother the bar staff when you want to check on your phones battery.

A number of pubs in Dublin have a phone charger box. With these boxes, you pay a few quid, stick the phone in a safe, pin/lock protected, box, and leave it to charge for a little bit.

Here’s the pubs that we’ve found that have these charger boxes. We’ll add more as we find them. This could be handy info if you don’t have a charger and need a bit of juice on the phone.


Oscars, Christchurch

The Gingerman, Fenian Street

Murrays, O’Connell Street


The Church, Jervis Street


Whelans (smoking area), Wexford Street

The Long Stone, Townsend Street

John Clarke and Sons, Ringsend

The Hairy Lemon, Stephen’s Street


The Church

The Church have phone chargers that you can pay a deposit to use. You get your deposit back when you return the charger.


The following pubs have direct USB ports.

The Bankers

Lemon and Duke


  • Cal Ignatius Hennessy

    The Porterhouse on Nassau street has one 🙂