post-title The Sackville Lounge is closing

The Sackville Lounge is closing

The Sackville Lounge is closing

The Sackville Lounge is closing



Our friends over at the Come Here To Me blog have reported this morning that, after talking to the bar staff in The Sackville Lounge off O’Connell Street, they can confirm that the Sackville is closing it’s doors very soon.

CiarĂ¡n has done a good job talking about some of the history and memories of the pub, so it’s best to read their account via this link.

We just wanted to include it as a blog post on our website for posterity.




It’s a lovely little pub. The kind of place where people go in to sit and read the paper over a few pints. It’s also highly regarded as a pub for GAA. Around the walls of the pub they’ve got the GAA jersey of each of the 32 counties. It was due to be included in our list of the best small pubs in Dublin. Sadly, that won’t be happening now.


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The fate of the pub and building beyond what we know (thanks to Come Here To Me) is unclear. Hopefully there will be a more thorough look into it by a newspaper. There is a lot of development planned for that area, with construction on a new hotel and the redevelopment of Cleary’s possibly soon to begin.

It’s a great shame that we appear to be losing a Dublin pub of great and irreplaceable character.




A grand place for a toastie.