post-title 6 pubs to take shelter on a miserable, manky day in Dublin

6 pubs to take shelter on a miserable, manky day in Dublin

6 pubs to take shelter on a miserable, manky day in Dublin

6 pubs to take shelter on a miserable, manky day in Dublin

At the time of writing this article, Dublin is set for a third day of torrential rain. In true Dublin style, we can’t let the weather get the better of us and must persevere on and enjoy life as best we can. Here’s a few suggestions for pubs to visit when the rain gets a bit too much and you just need somewhere to shelter.

Manky. Adjective. 1. Rotten or bleedin’ terrible.

The Long Hall

The front window of The Long Hall is a perfect vantage point from which to watch it absolutely bucket the rain down. Now, we’re not suggesting that you get joy from the wetness of others outside, but there is a certain satisfaction from being snugly dry and safe inside The Long Hall. The pub recently gave away 50 Long Hall branded umbrellas for free. Who knows, if you forgot yours, they might still have one behind the bar.


We’ve put Bison on the list because not only can you sit in comfort inside, but they also have a covered semi-outdoor area where you can listen to the soothing sound of the rain falling overhead but in total dry comfort. Also available here is superb comfort food in the shape of Bison’s BBQ menu, including pulled pork, ribs, wings, and a whole host of sides.


Kennedys on Westland Row is close to Pearse Street Station if you need to hop on the train at any point and it’s also close to a number of bus routes out of town. They have a full menu here all day in the pub and the food is sure to comfort you. At the main entrance to the pub are wide and tall windows that allow you to look out on the falling rain as Nassau Street meets Westland Row.

The Old Storehouse

We’ve got 3 good reasons why The Old Storehouse would be a satisfying place to spend some time during a wet day in Dublin. 1. If you still want to sit outside they have a covered outdoor area that looks onto a courtyard where you can watch the rain fall. What’s more is that there’s a hatch between this area and the snug bar, allowing for easy service. 2. The food is really good here. Maybe a comforting fish and chips? 3. Live music starts here at 3pm daily, so not only can you hide away, you can be entertained too.

The Bleeding Horse

The Bleeding Horse is a fascinating pub that feels like the oak walls and stairs are closing in on you at points. They also serve food and show just about any sporting event going. Perch up with an Irish craft beer, some wings, and watch a match or two from a warmer climate.

The Swan

The Swan is a glorious example of a perfectly preserved Victorian era pub. During the day you could settle in front of their fire (if it’s cold enough) with an Irish coffee and a sandwich. Optional are the large windows you can look out of and consider yourself lucky.