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archive-title Monthly Archives: April 2020

Monthly Archives: April 2020

Learn to cook with chef Ciarán.

Forget your Binging with Babish, Bon Appetit, Joshua Weissman, or any of those others internet cooks, there’s a new man in town who will show you to make a dish a day. Chef Ciarán Kavanagh of The Gravediggers pub in Glasnevin is doing live streams and instagram posts every day with a new instructional video […]

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Radiohead’s first gig was played in a Temple Bar Pub in 1993.

Radiohead have been keeping us entertained on Thursday evenings by streaming replays of concerts from the last few decades in Dublin, Berlin, and Buenos Aires. It got us thinking that we remembered hearing a reference to Radiohead having played their first ever gig in a city centre Dublin pub in 1993. After a bit of […]

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Pubs that mimic the iconic Guinness Gates.

We’ve noticed a few pubs around town paying tribute to pints of the black stuff through their own painting and design inside and outside pubs. It’s frequent for pubs to have old Guinness paraphernalia, but a few have gone a little further by creating depicitions of the iconic gates to James’ Gate Brewery, The Bankers […]

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3 Irish pubs that were packed up and shipped abroad.

Creating a true Irish identity in one of the thousands of Irish pubs around the world is a difficult thing to do, but we’ve found 3 that took the rather extreme option of packing up an existing pub and shipping it across Europe, Africa, and America to make people feel right at home. Bubbles O’Leary’s. […]

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When pubs saved the economy.

One of our favourite stories about the adaptability of the Irish pub and it’s centrality to Irish commercial and community life comes from 1970. A strike among workers in Irish banks threatened to make the processing of cheques, payment of wages, and carrying of cash a very difficult affair. The strike, much like the near […]

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Let’s talk about pubs.

Over the last few weeks we, like you, have been mulling over how best to continue on with life, to have a routine, and to keep up some semblance of normality. For us, this has been quite hard to grapple with considering our chief goal here at Publin is to advise you about pubs that […]

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