post-title Dublin pubs have some incredible pizza options. Here’s where to get the best.

Dublin pubs have some incredible pizza options. Here’s where to get the best.

Dublin pubs have some incredible pizza options. Here’s where to get the best.

Dublin pubs have some incredible pizza options. Here’s where to get the best.

It’s not so long ago that the pizza offering in some pubs was a pre-made pizza in a toaster oven. Don’t get us wrong, we were glad they existed! It was a step up, or perhaps a step sideways from some of the food offerings in some places. These days, Dublin pubs are taking their pizza very seriously and the new offering would rival the quality and offering of many Italian cities (we’ve put this to the test).

Whether it’s food trucks, working with a nearby pizza company, or setting up their own wood fired oven, pubs have given us some of the finest slices to choose from. Here’s several pubs offering top quality pizza.


One of the best features of Lucky’s on Meath Street is their beer garden out the back and the Coke Lane Pizza operating out of it. It’s superb pizza and there’s options for any taste. We recommend the Scarface, which is a marghertia with spicy salami, fresh chillies and chilli infused honey. They do dips to accompany too, and there’s vegan options available. They’re €10-13 and they also have a pizza and a pint deal for €13 Sun-Thurs before 7pm.


Frank Ryan’s

Frank Ryan’s have set up their own pizza kitchen with a wood fired oven in the pub and the results have been really good. If you prefer a pizza with a bit of a stiffer base that holds together, then this is the pizza for you. It’s quite a large menu so we’ll have to make our way through it over the next while. Maybe pair it up with the Frank Ryan’s porter and take in the ambience of one of Dublin’s most interesting pubs.

The Fourth Corner

The Fourth Corner near Patrick’s Cathedral offers up excellent pizza from the Dublin Pizza Company. It’s a cool spot where you can get a decent beer, watch a match, and have a cocktail. It’s dog friendly too, so bring the pooch for a slice.


Rustic Italian, Inferno, and Mema’s Meats are just a few of the signature pizzas on offer in this Parnell Street dive bar. They even have a breakfast pizza with black pudding on it! Enjoy the pizza indoors with a DJ playing some tunes or take it (and possibly your dog) out the back and enjoy your pizza al fresco.


The Circular

The Circular opened recently in Rialto and is the sister bar to Lucky’s on Meath Street. Luckily, they too have the Coke Lane Pizza offering behind their doors. The pizza should be enough of a reason to bring you there to check it out. Link.


Boco on Bolton Street is a bar based entirely around pizza. Obviously we’ve poured over slices and photos of pizzas over the years and it would appear to us that the offering in Boco looks the most Italian, both in terms of base, and in toppings. There’s pesto, aubergine, greens, prosciutto, and olives galore on top of these pizzas. They’ve 15 pizzas to choose from so you should have something to your tastes (or everything).


The Bernard Shaw

The Big Blue Bus out the back of The Bernard Shaw could well take credit for the increased popularity of pizza generally in Dublin and specifically in pubs. The bus has been serving up pizza for nearly a decade now and the quality has never slipped. Of course they’ve moved out to Glasnevin now but luckily for the people of Dublin 11, the pizza came with them.

The Jar

The Jar on Wexford Street do a nice thin crust pizza in a wood fired oven. It’s a good option for sharing with a group; get a few pizzas and sample a few different varieties. They’ve been known to do bottomless pizza days, so keep an eye on their social media for that.


Rascal’s HQ

Racals’ Brewing now have a brewery and bar you can visit in Inchicore. On the food offering side of things they’ve got some fine pizzas to pair with some fine beers. ‘Gregory Speck’ ‘Love/Heat’ and ‘Vegan Be Heroes’ are just some of the inventively named pizzas.

The Bath

The Bath have been doing excellent pizza for a few years now and have been ahead of the game. The pizza is provided by ‘Base’ wood fired pizza and it’s good stuff. Check out their menu here and they also have an offer that runs Sunday to Wednesday where you can get any large base pizza with 2 drinks for €20.

The Back Page

The Back Page is a different kind of sports bar, offering indoor activities including table tennis and mini golf as well as showing sports on the screens. What better food to watch a match with than a glorious pizza. The pizzas on the menu here are named after various Irish and international sporting legends., including John Giles, Antonio Cassano, Sonia O’Sullivan, and Jimmy Magee. Menu.

The Well

The Well on Stephen’s Green have a great big sign outside advertising the fact that they’re carrying Dublin Pizza Company pizza. And broadcast it they should! It’s a good big place so you should be good for a seat, or if you want to throw a pizza party. Take note, if you ever see nduja as a listed ingredient on a pizza, buy that pizza. It’s a spicy pork paste and they happen to have it on the Lucifero pizza here. Menu.


While the pizza isn’t actually produced in Toner’s pub, there is a link up with Cirillo’s restaurant (you need 4 people to form a human chain between Toner’s and Cirillo’s it’s that close) close by. There’s usually menus on tables in the pub and beer garden. Just call the restaurant, make your order and they’ll give you a buzz to collect and pay. It’s usually really quick and the pizza is fantastic. It’s a god send when all you want to do is to continue to sit out in Toner’s yard. Menu.

Paddle and Peel

Paddle and peel on Capel Street is, as the name would definitely suggest, a pub with pizza as the focus. This is an excellent spot for combining some excellent Galway Bay craft beers with top quality pizza. We do like that the pizzas come served on a wooden peel! Check out the pizza and beer menu’s and make your choice before stopping by.

The Living Room

In the back garden of The Living Room on Cathal Brugha Street is the Pizza Shack. It’s wood fired pizza with the option to eat outside. Order at the bar and collect at the shack. Link.