post-title Learn to cook with chef Ciarán.

Learn to cook with chef Ciarán.

Learn to cook with chef Ciarán.

Learn to cook with chef Ciarán.

Forget your Binging with Babish, Bon Appetit, Joshua Weissman, or any of those others internet cooks, there’s a new man in town who will show you to make a dish a day.

Chef Ciarán Kavanagh of The Gravediggers pub in Glasnevin is doing live streams and instagram posts every day with a new instructional video on how to cook and eat well during the lockdown. Ciarán’s family pub, as well as being a lovely traditional pub for a pint, it’s also one of the best pubs in the city to eat well made Irish and international dishes, including a range of Irish tapas.

Ciarán usually streams around 6pm for you to watch along, describing the process as he goes from the comfort of his own kitchen. You can either choose to do one of 2 things; be envious of whoever gets to eat this food or get the pots and pans out and resolve to make it yourself. Well, I suppose the third option is to wait until the Gravediggers opens again and sample it for yourself, but that’s a given.

When the meal is all said and done he posts the finished product along with a few steps to how he got there onto his regular Instagram feed. The finished dish is laid out on the counter beside a photo of chef Ciarán beside Anthony Bourdain, who was as complimentary of the coddle as he was of the pint in the pub when he visited the pub for one of his food travel programmes.

Let’s take a look at a few of the finished products.

Pollo Alla Cacciatora

Lamb Passanda

Pan Fried Mackerel with Prawn Cocktail

The ‘after’ photos are great but you really have to catch him live to enjoy the process of making the food. There’s plenty of photos out there building up your desire for a pint in a pub, but this will really get you fired up for having a meal in one too.

You can follow Ciarán at KavanaghCiaran on instagram.