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Christy Moore and Slattery’s Pub. 12 Pubs 12 Albums.

We’ve started a series of articles on connections between musicians from home and abroad and Dublin pubs. As we write the article we listen along to the album. There’s a link at the bottom of the article if you want to listen along too. Some pubs were known to be frequented by certain musicians or […]

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12 Pubs 12 Albums: The Long Hall and ‘The Philip Lynnott Album’

Music has always been an integral part of the Irish pub experience. Whether it’s a few musicians playing their instruments in the corner, someone belting out a tune with a group of mates, or a full gig experience. Then there’s the musicians themselves. Irish rockers, troubadours, or folk musicians have all played and drank in […]

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Beef up your midweek. Steak meal deals in Dublin pubs

O’Shea’s In O’Shea’s on Talbot Street from Monday to Thursday you can listen to some live Irish music accompanied by an 8oz steak and a pint for only €20. That’s your food, drink, and culture sorted for a night out. The Barge Monday’s are Steak Monday’s in The Barge on Charlemont Street. Get yourself a […]

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Havin’ Olaf. Dublin pubs that pay homage to the cities’ Viking past.

Dublin has gone under many names during it’s existence, from the Latin ‘Eblana’ to the more gaeilic ‘Duibhlinn’. It’s Norse or Viking name was ‘Dyflin’. In terms of the interiors of Dublin pubs, we’re used to seeing iconography that depicts our connection with brewing and distilling, Ireland’s revolutionary past, and the great Irish writers of […]

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