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Northside Dublin pubs to watch the 6 nations matches.

The 6 Nations kicks off in early February and people are already booking tables for crucial games. There’s few atmospheres that can beat the inside of an Irish pub when we’re competing (and have a chance of winning!), so pick a pub and settle in. The Barbers The Barbers in Grangegorman is a cool small […]

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Your guide to pub quizzes in Dublin.

The humble pub quiz can be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an evening in a pub. A group of 4 friends pitting their knowledge against a few strangers. We’re trying to put together a comprehensive list of all the quizzes happening regularly in Dublin. If you know of any more that should […]

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How many Swan icons are in and outside of The Swan Bar?

This is one of those articles that might be listed under ‘things that are only of interest to Mr. Publin’. But we’ll press on anyway. It might be the most difficult pub quiz question about Dublin pubs, but that’s why you’re here and reading. How many Swan (as in the bird) icons appear both inside […]

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Pubs for an excellent whiskey experience in Dublin

Irish whiskey is undergoing somewhat of a rebirth at the moment with exports of the spirit going up year on year. Here at home it’s equally popular and Dublin’s pubs are throwing their weight behind it, proving that they’re one of the best industries in terms of supporting local producers. We’ve picked just a few […]

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There’s more and more vegan food options in Dublin pubs.

Pubs have been taking the culinary initiative in many ways, from sustainably sourced fish for fish and chips, offering good quality and locally sourced produce, and also more and more vegan offerings. It can be hard to find vegan options around the city, so we’re trying to make a little bit easier. As with all […]

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Dublin pubs opening on Christmas Eve.

This is a list of pubs that we have found to be advertising the fact that they’re open on Christmas Eve. We’ve only included those pubs that we can confirm through social media and otehr direct means. It’s not a complete list and we’ll be updating it as we go along. If you know of […]

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