Love/Hate Pub Crawl

These are all the pubs that were used as locations for filming Love/Hate or appeared in the background. The pub used as 'Napper Tandy's' is actually 'Leonards' on the corner of Watling street on the Quays. It's closed now, but you can always pop down to see the exterior. Darren's mate with the kettle takes a stroll by Dice bar and Frank Ryans. Maybe order a pot noodle in there. The IRA lads search for Git in Boars Head and Slatterys Capel street after he goes missing. Rules. #1. Everyone gets a turn at being King Nidge and has to choose a person to get 'shot'. #2. Wear a blue hoody. #3. Bring a stuffed cat with you. #4. Have a drink with fizzy orange in it at least one pub. Additional suggestions: The Cat and Cage in Drumcondra in honour of the executed young feline. The Swan on Aungier street. Raise a toast to the poor Swan that did nuthin to nobody. It's actually Lynch's, The Swan, but if you drop the S it fits perfectly.For photos of the pubs in the series, follow this link. <a href=""></a>

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