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Publin is now doing private pub crawls!

  For the last 6 years, Publin.ie has been a well respected resource for anyone planning a night out in Dublin or for anyone with an interest in the culture, history, and heritage of the Dublin pub. For that time, we’ve operated primarily online. Now, we’re starting something more offline. Publin will now offer private […]

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Pub jobs in Dublin 12th October 2016

  We’ve put together another list of jobs currently available in Dublin city pubs at the moment. We’ve added the date that they were last listed and, where possible, how to apply. If you would like to add a job to this listing, please email publinie@gmail.com   McSorleys in Ranelagh require fllor staff and experienced […]

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Pubs in Dublin with a jukebox

  They’re becoming more and more rare in Dublin pubs, but we do still get quite a few requests from people looking to spin (not literally) their own tunes in the pub while having a pint. Does it torment others? Do they care? There’s not much to say about most of them, so we’ll just […]

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Tempus Fugit: The clocks of Dublin pubs

It’s rare that you stop and look up in a city with such narrow streets. When you do, you’ll notice that a surprising number of pubs in the city have clocks outside them. Some are old, some are not so old. We’re not yet sure why, but we think it’s important to catalogue these curiosities […]

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8 of the best dive bars in Dublin.

The term ‘dive bar’ is a strange thing. Usually when you’re referring to a place as a dive, it’s in a negative context. But, quite a few bars encourage use of the term and are happy to be associated with it. Obviously, there’s a market for pubs that are a bit unkempt, a little bit […]

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