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Dice bar

Dice bar

Dice Bar is located on the corner of Queen Street and Benburb Street in Smithfield.

We’ve been watching over this corner since 3rd of May 2001, the night before the Buena Vista Social Club gig in Smithfield Square.

Although there has been a bar here since 1770, when Dublin was the second biggest city in the empire. On Bow Street we had John Jameson Whiskey, across the river on Victoria Quay, Arthur Guinness was brewing stout.

We also brew our own beer, which is exclusive to the Dice Bar, it’s called Revolution Red or as Mo calls it ROCKIN REVOLUTION RED.

It’s 4.5% ABV, so drop by and have a pint. As of the 8th of July we have added a second beer which is the Sparta Premium Lager 4.5% ABV. (we had been previously importing this beer from Belgium.

Were on the LUAS RED LINE near the Smithfield stop.