post-title Membership and discount cards aplenty

Membership and discount cards aplenty

Membership and discount cards aplenty

It’s pretty obvious that pubs are making more of an effort to get people through the doors in more inventive and cost effective ways. One such method that seems to have become popular in recent times is giving patrons a membership card that entitles them to cheaper drinks and entry to events. Other bars have initiated a stamp system that gives you a free beer after 6 or 10.

Here’s a few of the pubs offering membership and discount cards for regulars and irregulars alike.

The George Bernard Shaw/Twisted Pepper

With a bodytonic members card you can get a range of drinks, event,  food, and even barber discounts in these two venues.

The card itself is free and entitles you to

reduced admission Thursday to Saturday

-Any sandwich and a coffee/tea for €7

-€8 for a mens dry cut in the boxcutter barbershop

-10% off all purchases in Elastic Witch

-10% off secret school of sound courses in The Suit

-€3 pints during all sporting events shown in the Shaw

-Free garlic bread with every pizza on the big blue bus


The Bachelor Inn

The bachelor Inn membership card is €20, but seems well worth it. You get a free meal every week and most pint prices are cut to €3.00 Sunday to Thursday and €4.00 on Friday and Saturday.

You can get the membership card at the bar.


Louis Fitzgerald Group Benefitz card

The benfitz card currently only works in the group’s off licenses, hotels, and clubs. They will be rolling out a system for their pubs (Stag’s Head being one) soon. It works on a points system, where every time you buy something in a participating premises you eanr points off your next purchase. We’re looking forward to the roll out in pubs.


Galway Bay Brewery loyalty card

This card can be used in Against the Grain, The Black Sheep, and The Brew Dock. Get your card stamped every time you buy one of 4 Galway Bay brewery beers and, once you fill up the card, you’ll get a free pint. Some fine craft beer in great locations. Makes perfect sense!


Hop House/The shakespeare Loyalty Card

This is probably the best value card at the moment. If you purchase 6 drinks you get a 7th free, or spring rolls, or chicken mandu. It’s very handy if you’re in a group for the night. It shouldn’t take too long to fill up….of course you should still drink responsibly.


Pifko Loyalty Card

This one is great if you happen to work in the area. Buy 7 lunches and get 1 free.


Temple Bar loyalty card

This entitles you to between 10% and 25% off  meals in some temple bar pubs and bars. Participating bars include The Octagon in the Clarence Hotel, Buskers bar, The Morgan, and The Auld Dubliner. Click on the link above for a full list.


Bodkin’s Loyalty Card

Pick up a card at the bar and get your 8th pint free after collecting your stamps.


Porterhouse Bars Loyalty Card

With three bars in Dublin and one in Bray, there’s plenty of places to fill up on a few pints from this excellent micro brewer. Pick up a card in any of the 4 pubs and get your tenth beer free.

 Hopefully these will, over time, save you a few pennies and get a few more bums on seats in participating pubs. Fill your wallet/bag with cards and don’t get caught short when there’s value to be had.

Enjoy, and we’ll add more as we find them.