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Slatterys Rathmines

Slatterys Rathmines

MB.SLATTERY’S is in the heart of beautiful downtown Rathmines, or rather is the heart of beautiful downtown Rathmines, and has been pulsating away in the Slattery family for two generations. It is not one of the new breed of virtual pubs that have risen from the binary mire to assault the senses and drape the landscape in the Emperor’s new, or rather tacky, clothes. Famous for the quality of it’s pint and the absolute efficiency of it’s service, darling , it is traditional in every sense of the word and yet, particularly with regard to the music on offer, has not stood still in the past.

When you enter you will be meet by a warm friendly atmosphere that is populated by an eclectic clientele ranging from the noble artisan through the pondering intellegencia to the colourful psychotic. The staff, also quite an eclectic ( that word again) bunch themselves, will be happy to meet and greet, attend to your needs, and enter into any banter that may be the order of the day. However they really don’t give a shit if you’ve had a nice day and if you’ve had a bad one don’t take it out on them as you may turn these Mother Teresa’s of the pint pulling profession into something resembling a woolly mammoth having a bad hair day.

For the past number of years the upstairs bar has played mien host to an eclectic (yes I know I’m using it again. Look I don’t have a thesaurus) mix of bands all of whom have said, strangely including the ones we hadn’t threatened with violence, how much they enjoyed playing the room, particularly for it’s ambience and intimacy sweetie . So if you want to get intimate on a non sexual level with the best music has to offer while laying the foundation for sexual intimacy with the gender of your choice, carefully avoiding us having to advise you to get a room, or just have a few drinks and kick back, upstairs in Slattery’s is the place to be.

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