post-title Dublin pubs of 1969 (An interactive map)

Dublin pubs of 1969 (An interactive map)

Dublin pubs of 1969 (An interactive map)

Bulson's 'Irish pubs of character'

In 1969, pub historian, Roy Bulson wrote a book about some of the more famous pubs around Ireland, concentrating mainly on Dublin. Publin came upon a copy of this from a family member and found it so interesting we decided to make a map of it showing what those pubs were and what now exists on the site. Where possible we will include photos as it was and some advertisements for these pubs taken from the book.

Some pubs still exist, some have made way for office blocks, changed their names, or are difficult to find accurate details on.

The most popular drinks of the time for the most part sound familiar, others have been long forgotten about.

For each listing we have tried to include details from the author, our own footnotes, images of advertisements or sketches from the book, the drinks served, and of course, what now exists on the sites where these pubs once sat.

We hope you enjoy this snapshot back into the history of Dublin pubs.

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