post-title What am I drinking from?

What am I drinking from?

What am I drinking from?

We’ve noticed some pubs and bars around the city are trying to branch out from the traditional glass to serve their drinks in something a bit more unique and distinctive. We thought we’d take you through a few of the more stand-out receptacles on offer in Dublin.

Sahara Bar and Venue

In Sahara they’ve elected to serve their cocktails in teapots. ┬áTake, for example, Mr. Tea pot



Lost Society

Lost Society are going for a more toned down and practical approach with their jam jar cocktail glasses.

Everleigh Garden

Everleigh serve their large cocktails in a watering can with a load of straws coming out the top. It’s a garden….get it?


Moe’s Tavern

Anywhere else in town with strange ways of serving? Let us know