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archive-title Monthly Archives: April 2014

Monthly Archives: April 2014

Best BBQ bars

We’re entering the summer season and that means BBQ time. There’s a few spots around the city that offer a good oul BBQ for individuals and groups. Here’s a few of your options with their prices and a few photos to whet your appetite. The Odeon on harcourt street have a lovely outdoor area and […]

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‘Support your local’ campaign launched

Yesterday we attended the launch of the ‘Support your local’ campaign in Buswells hotel. It’s a joint initiative between VFI, LVA, RAI, ABFI, and NOFFLA. Basically, anyone involved in drinks and food related hospitality whose name can be made into an acronym. The timing and content of the campaign is very certainly with the local […]

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The Goo- web series

The Goo is a new 5 part web series about 2 lads who are in the middle of a 5 week bender. We’ve just watched the first episode and it’s off to a good start. If you go onto their youtube page you can see all the episodes in full. It features a few lads […]

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Where to buy drinks on Good Friday

It’s that time of year again when the opposing camps of ‘Can ye not go one day’ and ‘It’s an archaic practise’ battle it out to decide whether the good friday prohibition on selling alcohol is good practise or not. Whatever the outcome of that argument, we have a list of places where you can […]

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A new wifi solution for pubs

At nearly every pub or drinks related event we attend, two things constantly come up as something publicans need to be more aware of and provide better service for… craft beer, and wifi. Craft beer has been making great inroads, with most pubs offering at least some in bottles. Wifi, however, has been left behind. […]

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