post-title Great first date pubs in Dublin

Great first date pubs in Dublin

Great first date pubs in Dublin

Best first date pubs in Dublin

You’ve swiped right on Tinder, had the chats, and now comes the times to pick a venue and put your best foot forward.

It’s always a brain wracker when looking for first date pubs. What does my choice of pub say about myself, will there be people I know there, what if they have picky tastes?
We’re here to help. Here we’ve got a list together of places that might be a good spot for a first date. If you don’t know too much about the person, then maybe you’d like to play it cool and pick a spot with a nice atmosphere and decor, while still serving a wide enough range of drinks so that you’re not imposing your taste in beer, wine,or whiskey on your date. Smaller places with a good atmosphere are probably a best bet before moving onto another, more crowded place.

Here’s a few options for you.


The Whiskey bar in The Palace fleet street.
No, not the palace camden street. That’s for your 3rd ironic date where you go to a place from your student days. Although it’s called a whiskey bar, and it does have a good selection, it’s not exclusively so. It has your regular beers on tap, wine in the fridge, and some craft options too. It’s a cool new addition to the city and is very different to the more traditional downstairs bar. It’s fairly dimly lit (not that we’re casting aspersions on your dates cosmetic beauty) and the area is quite small and intimate. This is good because you’re not separated by too much space and it decreases the likelihood of bumping into someone you know! It’s very different to other bars around the city and is bound to impress.


The Gin Palace on middle Abbey street is a super Northside option, especially if you’re feeling like having a G and T night out. As before, they have all the regular favourites on tap and in the fridge, so no worry there. But, you could break the ice with a teapot filled with gin. What’s not to like about that? We have it on good authority from a regular Publiner (who will renamed nameless in case he or she needs to reenter the dating market) that Gin Palace is a great spot for a 1st date. It’s got an ornate and Victorian style to it that’ll make you feel quite grand. If you’re the type to get angry on the stuff, maybe best to steer clear of the gin and just enjoy the palace side of things.


P Macs on stephens street. Now you might not be winning any points on originality, given the recent popularity of this place, but it sure is a good spot for a natter. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they should do a decibel check in this place and standardise it across all pubs. Music level is perfect for ambience and a chat. They’ve got board games too to bring out your competitive side and get a bit of friendly rivalry going. It’s got a decent mix of ages, so nobody would feel to uncomfortable here. They’ve got a very good selection of craft and international beers and the decor is funky and creates plenty of talking points for conversational lulls. You can always take a snug if you want a bit of privacy.


Given that it is summer (unless it’s not when you’re reading this) then maybe an outdoor option is in order. A lot of people we’ve told about Toners beer garden on Baggot street didn’t know it existed. Here’s a chance to display your wonderful Dublin pub knowldge (assisted by Publin ™). Catch a few rays, display your wonderfully tanned skin and have one of the best pints of Guinness in the city.


If you’re looking for more of a traditional option to show how salt of the earth you are, then maybe a seat at the back of McDaids on Harry street off Grafton street is an option for you. It’s fairly compact, has tall ceilings, and the history of 234 years of drinking and previous first dates oozes out of the walls. Mulligans of Poolbeg street would also be a good bet for the traditional option. No pretense, just a place with a wealth of conversational history, a place where you can’t help but chat.


Sin é on the quays is a good bet if you share a love of music. They’ve got live music several nights of the week and their Sunday Jawbone session is one not to be missed. Plenty of talking points, a nice atmosphere, and the tunes are toe tapping. They’re open late on the weekends, so it;s a good option to stick around if things are going well.

Here’s what other Publiners had to say on where to go.

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