post-title Most haunted Dublin pubs (sort of)

Most haunted Dublin pubs (sort of)

Most haunted Dublin pubs (sort of)

Take a trip to all your favourite ‘haunts’ around the spectortacular Dublin city centre.


Brazen Head- Haunted by the ghost of Robert Emmet, who was hanged nearby in 1803. His executioner was a regular too!


The Bull and Castle- Said to be haunted by the ghost of poet James Clarence Mangan. The temperature dips when he enters the room. Bring a scarf!


The Lord Edward– Burried nearby and still keeping a watchful eye on the pub is Lord Edward Fitzgerald, participant in the 1798 rebellion.

Madigans Connolly station- Located under Connolly station where Irish ‘ghostbusters’ in 2011 claimed the presence of a paranormal being!



Brogans– Located next door to the Olympia theatre where footsteps are heard, windows are rattled and a door was shattered by an unknown force!



The Portobello– On the banks of the canal where the phantom of a former lock keeper is said to have drowned 7 people over the years.


Darky Kelly’s– Darky Kelly was a woman who was burned at the stake for witchcraft after accusing the Sheriff of fathering her child. She may also have been a serial killer.