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archive-title Monthly Archives: February 2015

Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Simpsons pubs of Dublin

Every now and then on twitter we have a bit of fun where we give people a theme and we try to make some terrible puns involving Dublin city centre (mostly) pubs. We came up with a few, some friends of Publin came up with a few, and there was a trojan effort from Publiners […]

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Pubs with no TV in Dublin

Sometimes you just want to sit in a pub, admire it for what it is, get engrossed in conversation, and not have your eyes drawn to a screen showing sports or Sky News. We’ve put together a list of pubs where you won’t get distracted and you can simply enjoy the company or the music. […]

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11 of the best Irish beer TV adverts.

We’ve been looking through the archive to find some of the best Irish beer TV adverts. Here is the selection that we came up with. Obviously this list could be entirely comprised of Guinness adverts, but we’ve tried to spread them out over the various companies. If we’ve missed out on any particularly good ones, […]

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