post-title Not your average pub grub: The Teller Room in The Bankers bar.

Not your average pub grub: The Teller Room in The Bankers bar.

Not your average pub grub: The Teller Room in The Bankers bar.


There’s a growing trend in Dublin pubs to offer a dining experience that can compete more with traditional restaurants and offer people something other than a skinful of pints (there’s still room for that). One such pub that have caught on to what the new customer wants is The Bankers bar on Dame Lane.

All the recent surveys on tourists coming to Dublin tell us that visitors would much rather eat in a pub than in a restaurant. The pub is such a big draw, and they want to see what all the fuss is about.



Last year, The Bankers opened ‘The Teller Room’ upstairs in what used to be a venue for live comedy. They went the whole hog in their decoration and made a big push to give people another dining option. While they did serve food downstairs, there simply wasn’t enough space to accommodate everyone who wanted to eat, hence the change.


The Clonakilty pudding burger

The Clonakilty pudding burger


We paid the Teller Room a visit to check it out and we must say that if I were a visiting tourists I’d be very happy with the offering. The food is extremely reasonable for what’s on offer, with prices ranging typically between €11-14 for a generous portion. The menu is extensive, but not overwhelming, and showcases the best of Irish beef, lamb, fish, and other options.

We opted for the fresh fish and the Irish stew. The stew, at €11.95 is as wholesome and filling a meal as you could wish for, probably one of the best in the city. The fish was super fresh and was served with some creamy mash and seasonal vegetables. Our tastes were a bit more traditional on this outing, but they do offer more exotic and experimental takes on Irish cuisine.

It’s a great traditional pub, but they’ve also embraced the modern trends of craft beer and new Irish whiskies, putting real thought and effort into supporting local Irish produce while giving the customer an ever expanding range to choose from.



The Teller Room bar.


Whether you’re visiting from abroad, or looking to try something new from a pub, The Teller Room is a very good option if you want some good food and don’t want to break the bank, all the while still within the confines of a traditional setting.

They accept bookings and walk ins too. There should be no problem with booking fr groups, as they have several areas, including one that looks out over Dame Lane and Trinity street.

Call: (01) 679 3697

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