post-title The best steak meal deals in Dublin pubs.

The best steak meal deals in Dublin pubs.

The best steak meal deals in Dublin pubs.

So you’re hungering for a bit of red meat are you? We’ve put together a list of pubs with either massive steaks or really good deals on them.

We should clarify that we’re not stating that all of these are the absolute best steaks that you can gte in Dublin pubs (That’s for another article), these are either great deals or steaks so colossal that we simply must mention them.


The Lotts bar


lottssteakdeal lottssteak

This is probably the best meal deal in town. 2 steaks, 2 sides, and a bottle of their wine of the month €30 midweek, or €40 at the weekend, and that includes tea and coffee. You’d be lucky to get the bottle of wine alone for €20 in most pubs, so this really is a great deal.


57 the Headline



This one is more of a good deal considering how really really big the steak is. It’s so big, it’s made for sharing. Now, if you were in a bit of a man vs food mood, you might try it alone. A 20oz 30 day dry aged rib steak with chips, green bean salad, potato gratin, peri peri onion rings, cep b  plus a glass of red wine each.


Bull and Castle



This isn’t listed by Bull and Castle as a deal, but we had to include because it’s so impressive.

Just look at the size of this steak. What do you expect from a pub founded by butchers. The FX Buckley group put a lot of care into their meat selection, and this fine specimen shows just that. This is the 22oz Rib Eye on the bone, 28 Dry Aged served with Cajun Onions, choice of sides and choice of sauce €38. Check out the rest of their steak menu on their website. We’ve had it, it’s incredible.


Blarney Inn



We’ve been told several times that there is some truth behind The Blarney Inn’s assertion that they have ‘the best steak in town’. One of their proprietors is a butcher by trade and sources all the meat himself. You can get a 10oz steak with all the trimmings for €14.95. We’ll be popping in soon to make sure the steak lives up to the claim.


The 108



Steak and chips not enough for you? How about adding a big bucket of wings and a bottle of wine on top? That all comes to €39.95 for a bit of a feast.


The 51 bar



The excellent meal deal in the 51 bar on Haddington road includes a steak option. So, you can have a pint of beer or a glass of wine plus a 7oz sirloin steak cooked to your liking with sautéed Portobello mushrooms and Chilean onions, crack black pepper Tullamore Dew whiskey cream sauce,  and chunky chips, all for €14 (There’s a €2 supplement on the steaks).


TP Smiths



TP Smiths on Jervis street have several deals running Monday to Thursday between 7 and 10pm. It’s €15 for an angus striploin with all the trimmings, €22 for a 16 oz t-bone with all the trimmings, and €35 for sirloin steaks for 2 and a bottle of house wine.


The Beer Market




The Beer Market on High street at Christchurch have started doing food in a big way. Check out this whopper combo of wings, steak, chips, and beer or wine.


If you know of any other deals or huge steaks that should be on this list, email us via