post-title It’s World Gin Day. Here’s a few ways to celebrate.

It’s World Gin Day. Here’s a few ways to celebrate.

It’s World Gin Day. Here’s a few ways to celebrate.

Listen, we know that in all likeliness that World Gin Day, like Arthurs day, is probably an invented holiday by the gin industry. But, do any of us really care?  Paired with a tonic, mixed with water, or enjoyed on its own, it’s a spirit with enduring appeal. What’s more, Ireland has had a bit of a revival in gin production in recent years, so that’s another thing to celebrate. World Gin Day is Saturday the 11th of June.

As you’re reading this, we’re going to assume that you’re a gin lover. You may be interested in the Irish gin and tonic festival, which is happening nationwide from June 20th to 25th. You can find more details via

Here’s a few pubs who are celebrating the day with something special. Bear in mind, we’ll be doing a list next week featuring the best pubs in Dublin for gin.


Gin Palace- Gin cupcakes and the biggest selection in Dublin.




The Gin Palace have a selection of 183 gins to choose from, the biggest in the city. They’ve also baked up some special gin and tonic cupcakes! On World Gin Day they’ll have a few selections of gin taster trays to choose from, including gin served in a teapot!



The Church- Specials on gin tasting trays




The Church definitely has one of the best gin and spirits selections in the city. They showcase the best of Ireland to visiting tourists in the form of food and drink. For World Gin Day they have an offer on two of their gin tasting trays.

Their tray with Dingle dry gin, G’Vine gin, and Plymouth slow gin has been reduced from €14.50 to €12.50.

The tray with beefeater dry gin, Blooms premium gin, and cork dry gin has been reduced from €12.50 to €10.00.



57 The Headline- Gin flights for €15




57 The Headline are all about locally sourced beer, food, and spirits. They’ve been doing great things for Irish gin recently, championing the newly established Dublin gin company. For World Gin Day they’ll be offering up gin flights with a selection of 3 gins, premium tonics, and garnishes for €15.



Oscars- €5 G and T




This might not be a special for the day itself, but it’s a good deal and a worthy way to celebrate World Gin Day. Every day Oscars in Christchurch offer Bombay Saphire gin and tonic for €5.


If there are other bars celebrating World Gin Day, let us know and we’ll add them in.