post-title Traditional Irish dancing shows in Dublin pubs.

Traditional Irish dancing shows in Dublin pubs.

Traditional Irish dancing shows in Dublin pubs.

One of the big draws for visitors to the city are the traditional Irish dancing shows that are put on in several pubs. In some of them you can enjoy a meal, a few drinks, and a show from some very accomplished dancers. Some pubs have a more casual attitude to it and bring out the dancers once a night to accompany the musicians.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best places to catch a show.


The Church


Irish Dancers Pose New


The Church bar is an absolutely beautiful building and is a big draw for visitors to the city. They have an ‘authentic Irish music and dance show’. They say they have “live musicians playing a popular selection of Irish music along with fantastic Irish dancers who will leave you in awe with their fantastic footwork and skills.” The shows run from Sunday to Wednesday from 7-9pm. It’s free admission. Link for more details.



The Mercantile




The Mercantile on Dame street has a new traditional show and 3 course dinner running over the Summer. It’s called ‘Gaelic Nights’ and it runs from Sunday to Wednesday at 6.30pm. Tickets are available from 016707100 or from eventbrite.





Murrays Bar And Grill

Murrays Bar And Grill


Murrays bat on O’Connell street offers live Irish music 7 nights and accompanying dancing on Saturday and Sunday nights from 9pm.


Trinity Bar








O’Neill’s on Suffolk street is a great spot for visitors to the city to come and enjoy Irish craft beer, great food, and live traditional music. They have traditional bands and musicians playing all night long. At some point during the night, an Irish dancing pair will come out and accompany the musicians. They dance to a few songs, and even get one or two from the audience to join them. This entertainment is all free of charge, but it’s unlikely you’ll get a good view from your seat. You have to stand up and get a good position to see it properly.



Johnnie Fox’s





Johnny Foxes is a pub in the Dublin mountains that are well known for their hospitality to visiting tourists. They run buses from the city centre and back nightly. They have an Irish dancing ‘Hooley show’, which includes a 4 course meal, live Irish music, and the Johnny Fox’s Irish dancers. For more details, follow this link.







O’Sullivans on Westmoreland street apparently have a free nightly Irish dancing show from 8pm. They are the only details we have on the show.




The Arlington



The Arlington’s ‘Celtic Nights’ show is in its 17th season and features world championship dancers and All Ireland winning musicians. It runs 7 nights and includes a 3 course traditional Irish dinner. for more details, visit this link.



Buskers have a free Irish show on Mondays at 7pm.