post-title 6 pubs you can hire that have a stage

6 pubs you can hire that have a stage

6 pubs you can hire that have a stage

6 pubs you can hire that have a stage

We often get inquiries from people looking to host an event such as a gig or pub quiz, and one of the requirements is that they need a stage. There’s loads of function rooms in Dublin, but not many have a stage, so we’ve put together this list of the 6 bars that we could find that do have one. Each of these areas can be booked out entirely if you have enough numbers.

There are, of course, plenty of music venues in Dublin that have stages, but they’re usually booked full of gigs well in advance. This list gives you some options that might not immediately spring to mind when planning an event that needs a stage.

If you know of other pub with stages, get in touch and we can add them to the list.


JK Stoutman’s



JK Stoutman’s on James’ Street have a grand big bar area for hire at the back. They’ve recently extended the stage so that you can fit more musicians on it, or a stand up comedian has a bit more room to walk about. You can book out the whole space for an event if you have enough numbers. There’s loads of room downstairs, and another area upstairs with a bar and pool table.





The Beerhouse on Capel Street have a really cool area at the back of the bar that can be sectioned off and used as a private venue. There’s a raised area at the back, in front of a fireplace. That functions as a stage for a lot of gigs that are hosted in the bar. There’s an amazing selection of craft beer, and they do pizzas as well.





Adelphi on Abbey Street have a unique party venue at the back of the bar. Upstairs there’s quite a large stage in front of a beautiful stained glass window. You could fit 100 or so people around this space and the downstairs area. It could be a smashing venue for a gig.


Peadar Kearney’s



Downstairs in Peadar Kearney’s on Dame Street has a small stage that could be used for any event that you can think of. There’s a bar down there, and it’s a good option for a slightly smaller crowd. The photo is from the perspective of the stage.



Stella Lieu Room at The Blarney Inn



At the back of the Blarney Inn on Nassau Street there’s a really interesting looking function room. It’s called The Stella Lieu room, and it’s available for hire. There’s a stage, a bar, and a good bit of seating going down this narrow room. the above photo is taken from the perspective of the stage.


Stage 19



Stage 19 on Francis Street have a stage in the ground floor venue area. It’s a great space for gigs, and we’ve attended a few year over the last while. It’s a good, big space, with a full bar. It’s recently gotten a makeover and looks very well.