post-title Pubs with pool tables in Dublin.

Pubs with pool tables in Dublin.

Pubs with pool tables in Dublin.

Pubs with pool tables in Dublin.


It can seem like there aren’t a lot of pubs in Dublin with pool tables, but there are a surprising amount! We’ve put together a list of 23 pubs with tables. Where possible, we’ve put any details we know about the tables.

We’ll add to the list as we find more tables.


1. Blackbird, Rathmines

2. Frank Ryans, Smithfield (€1.50)

Good table. You sometimes need to use a small queue.

3. Generator, Smithfield

Very good tables here. One close to the bar, and another one down the stairs.

4. The Palace, Camden street (multiple tables)

Loads of tables here. Reasonably priced hourly rates.

5. Hacienda, Arran street east

Decent table. Space is dependent on how many people are in the room. There’s a fireplace in one of the rooms. 2 tables available.

6. The Black Sheep, Capel street

Downstairs table.

7. The Woolshed, Parnell street

8. The Adelphi, Abbey street

The table is at the very back of the bar. That area is sometimes only open for party bookings.

9. McGrattans, Baggot street

2 very good tables with a good deal of space. Some seating around the table.

10. Fibber Magess, Parnell street

Tables upstairs and in the smoking area.

11. Blarney Inn, Nassau street

The pool table has a semi private room.

12. Czech Inn, Essex gate

The pool table is on a separate mezzanine type level. You could call it a games area.

14. JK Stoutmans

The table is upstairs in the bar.

14. Bernard Shaw, Richmond street

The pool table is in the smoking area.

15. The Long Stone, Towsend street (€2.00)

2 tables in the beer garden.

16. The Big Tree, Drumcondra

17. Alfie Byrnes, Earlsfort terrace

A very good table under a big projector screen.

18. Against the Grain, Wexford street

The table is upstairs in a little area of its own.

19. The Living Room, Parnell street

20. The Hideout, South William st.

(The Hideout isn’t a bar, but they do BYOB)

21. Delaneys, North King street

There’s a room to the left as you walk in.

22. The Kings Inn, North King street

23. Buskers on the Ball, Fleet Street

Loads of tables downstairs in BOTB. They go at an hourly rate.