post-title Robert Reade’s is now called RYAN’S

Robert Reade’s is now called RYAN’S

Robert Reade’s is now called RYAN’S

Robert Reade’s is now called RYAN’S


Robert Reade’s on Store Street has this week undergone a name change. The new name is RYAN’S. The name change is to reflect the fact that this is a family owned and operated pub.

The pub is not changing hands, just simply changing name. It had been named Robert Reade’s and operated by the Ryan family for the last 20 years, but they recently made the decision to change the name to signify the connection between the pub and the family.



RYAN’S is a favourite in the area for after work office parties. It’s quite a large pub, with an expansive downstairs area broken up by wooden and glass dividers. There are plenty of areas that can be booked for big and small groups of office workers, or anyone looking for a spot with a bit of space.



If you’re looking for a venue for a bit of a bigger gathering, they have an equally massive upstairs area that covers around the same floor area. This area could reasonably accommodate 100 people, and probably more. There’s no booking fee, so this would be a good shout for a large gathering. There’s a bar and toilets upstairs as well.

They have a kitchen in the pub, which means they can cater for events with platters, or if you’re looking something more substantial, they have a full food menu as well.



It shouldn’t be too much or a change for regulars and those that are fond of the pub. It’s just a change of signage inside and out, but the pub for the most part remains the same. Still the same staff, atmosphere, and the it’s the same family pulling the pints.