post-title Temple Bar once tried to ban stag and hen parties in the 90’s

Temple Bar once tried to ban stag and hen parties in the 90’s

Temple Bar once tried to ban stag and hen parties in the 90’s

Temple Bar once tried to ban stag and hen parties in the 90’s


It might come as a shock to those familiar with the Temple Bar district that hens and stags were once considered not the kind of business wanted by the businesses of the area.

An Irish Independent article from 1998 that we recently came across details the plans set in motion by the ‘Temple Bar Properties’ group. They commissioned a study that said that other tourists found the area less appealing because of large parties of stag and hen parties, mostly from the UK.

There were apparently signs reading “No hen or stag parties will be catered for on these premises.” in the 34 pubs and bars in the area.

That’s quite a surprise, considering how familiar a sight these parties are in the popular tourist areas these days. Obviously a compromise was found and the area became popular among stags and hen parties, and regular tours as well.

Of course there are plenty of pubs in Dublin that would have a policy of not taking bookings for stags and hens, especially those in costume. They like to keep the atmosphere as it is,and feel that stags and hens can possibly be problematic or change the mood or tone of the pub.

You can read more about the proposed 1998 ban from the Independent website.


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