post-title A bar for the 6 nations home or away

A bar for the 6 nations home or away

A bar for the 6 nations home or away

A bar for the 6 nations home or away


Pubs are all gearing up to the 6 nations matches, both home and away, getting ready to welcome people through the doors to watch the games on the screen or drop in for a pint on the way to the Aviva. One pub is well placed with plenty of space for both such circumstances.

The Pavillion bar in Trintity College isn’t just for students and it’s open on Saturdays for 6 nations games. It’s conveniently located near major bus routes, Pearse station, and is around a 25 minute walk away from the stadium. If you’ve got tickets to any of the home games, then it might be a good shout for a pint before and after.



They’ve got loads of outdoor space (if the weather’s good), very reasonably priced pints, a good bit of seating, and it’s also got a very strong rugby connection given that the Trinity pitches are visible from the bar itself!

One of the draws of having a pint here is that you might escape the crowds in some of the other pubs and get your pint that bit quicker (as long as everyone else doesn’t have the same idea as you). The new Pav is very much different from the old Pav. It’s undergone renovations and is now comfortable, spacious, and modern.



For the away games or for those who don’t have tickets for home games, there’s plenty of screens in the bar to make it a rival for any bar in Dublin. It’s very open plan as well so you can fit a decent amount of people in here without it feeling cramped.

So now you have the inside track on a bar you might not have previously considered!