post-title Pubs for a lunchtime toastie (and maybe a pint) to unwind.

Pubs for a lunchtime toastie (and maybe a pint) to unwind.

Pubs for a lunchtime toastie (and maybe a pint) to unwind.

Pubs for a lunchtime toastie (and maybe a pint) to unwind.

Pubs aren’t just for the evening time you know. Sometimes a seat in a pub can be a haven from the outside world when you’re on a break for lunch or just ambling around town. Sit down, read a paper and enjoy a bit of cheese stretching between two slices of hearty bread.

Of course there’s always the option for a pint depending on whether you’ve much on for the day or whether work will allow it. Maybe just stick to the toastie or maybe just a half. Here’s a few pubs with a nice ambience.

The Swan

The Swan on Aungier Street does a good toasted sandwich and a cup of soup during the day. Take a seat in the snug by the window. They have a very good coffee machine here so you can get the full lunch package should you wish.


Neary’s on Chatham Street off Grafton Street is a very tranquil pub where people go for am ambient pint and a chat with friends. It’s beautifully ornate inside and there’s as much reverence for the sandwich as there is for the excellent pint of Guinness.

The Palace

The Palace on Fleet Street have a board outside proudly proclaiming their toasted sandwich as the ‘finest homemade sandwiches in all of Dublin’. Choose from honey baked ham and cheese, bacon lettuce and tomatoe, chicken and crispy bacon, and of course, The Palace toasted special. The bread isn’t your regular sliced pan and has a homemade quality to it.

Take a seat in the back room of the bar in a beautiful, bright Victorian setting. There’s a multitude of features to keep you occupied as you snack away, from the fabulous patterned glass ceilings, to the antique whiskey mirrors and the photographs adorning the walls.

The Ha’Penny Bridge Inn

The Ha’Penny Bridge Inn on the quays is one of those pubs that can attract equal measures local and tourist through the doors. They’re eager to promote the fact that thy have a nice toasted special offering. It’s a pleasant traditional spot, handily located on the south side of the Ha’Penny Bridge.


The toastie in Fallon’s in The Coombe near Patrick’s Cathedral is renowned for using batch bread in their toastie. They also serve it with soup during the day. It’s a grand old pub with the style and design of the bar dating back to the early 20th century.


Grogan’s toastie is a bit of an institution around town. Lunch time is also a period where you can actually get a seat in this wildly popular pub. Look into the fridge and you’ll see stacks of pre-made sandwiches ready to be toasted during the day. Take a seat, read the paper, and admire the art work adoring the walls of this charming spot.