post-title Dublin pubs with Air Conditioning

Dublin pubs with Air Conditioning

Dublin pubs with Air Conditioning

Dublin pubs with Air Conditioning

It’s hot. It’s very hot. Dublin doesn’t necessarily have the infrastructure to allow you to cool down in weather like this. We’ve been taking note for a while of pubs that have air conditioning. Here’s a few options. We can’t guarantee that they’ll have it on, but it’s likely they will and it’ll be a bit better than sitting in the shade while having your pint.

If you know of more pubs with air conditioning, please let us know…for all of our sakes!

The Long Hall, George’s St

The Long Hall is a busy spot and they have an A/C unit at the back for when it gets full and toasty. Let’s hope they turn it on during summer days to offer us a bit of respite.

Camden Exchange, Camden St

A lovely gust of fresh air greets you as soon as you walk into Camden Exchange.

Anseo, Camden St

We’re told that Anseo is a cool spot in nay ways on Summer days.

Underdog, Dame St

Underdog is literally an Underdog venue so without air con it can get a bit warm. Lucky for you and I they do and it’s usually on.

Urban Brewing, Custom House Quay

Urban Brewing is another underground bar that requires cold air to be pumped in.

Porterhouse Central, Nassau St

Get some spicy wings but remain cool in their air conditioning.

Bowes, Fleet St

Older pubs like Bowes can still bring a refreshing chill.